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3-5 year olds

This session is focused around fun and games, we find this approach works best with younger children.

 Activities during this session are normally changed every few minutes to keep the children engaged.

Children will encounter a range of multisports.

Usually finishing off with a game of hide and seek, a much loved classic.

Duration: 40mins

Main goals for this age group are:

  • hand eye co-ordination,

  • basic ball skills,

  • balance,

  • colours,

  • number recognition, 

  • building confidence,

Maximum of 16 children in this group.

6-9 year olds

This session is focused on teaching technical skills through games and challenges. It gives them an opportunity to focus on more specific areas, while still gaining an understanding around sport and what it means to be fair.

 Activities within this age group are normally more structured and are usually finished off with a match at the end of the session.

Duration: 50mins

Main goals for this age group are:

  • Dribbling,

  • ball control,

  • turning,

  • shooting,

  • passing, 

  • movement of the ball,

  • attacking/defending,

Maximum of 20 children in this group.


Per session: £6.60 (PAYG)

Per month: £22 (Direct Debit)

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