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  • Do you have to have a hearing loss to attend?
    No! We like to welcome anyone to Little Feet, we have children that have a range of needs that currently attend. If you need to ask us anything please fill in the contact us form below.
  • Do you do anything outside of sessions?
    Yes! We have arranged a couple of trips to football stadiums and soft play centres so that the children can have the oppurtunity to socialise, but also so the parents can build up friendships.
  • Do we need to attend every session?
    No. We understand things can change and it's hard to commit to something every week. That's why we offer the different payment/booking options. If you need the flexibility we reccomend doing the pay as you go and booking one session at a time. The monthly saver is so that you can secure your space every week, but also means you will automatically be charged for missed sessions. This is purely because it prevents another child attending.
  • What do the parents do while the children are in a session?
    Parents can either watch the session from the egde of the sports hall or they are welcome to help themselves to a hot drink in the ajoining room and relax. If a child needs parental help to settle into a session we welcome this too.
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