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Little Feet
Terms & Conditions 

Cancellation/Missed bookings/Late pick up

  1. If you need to Cancel your booking, we will need to be notified at least 24 hours before the session start time. This is to allow time for someone else to book the space you no longer need.

  2.  Late cancellations could incur a fee.

  3. If you miss a session without informing us, it will be treated as a No Show, you will not receive a refund for any missed sessions.

  4. If you are late arriving to the session we will allow you entry as soon as it is safe to do so.

  5. You must remain on site for the whole session, this is to ensure we are able to discuss any concerns should they arise.

  6. If any session is not able to be fulfilled due to Little feet cancelling, you will receive a refund for any affected sessions at the end of the term.



  1. If your child is unwell on the day of the session, they will be refused entry due to the risk of cross contamination to others.

  2. If your child becomes unwell whilst at the session, we will ask you to take them home.

  3. If your child has had sickness/Diarrhoea they will not be able to attend until 48hours after their last episode.



  1. If there is any forecast of extreme weather, sessions located outside will be cancelled.

  2. Although we do our best to give notice, sometimes this isn't possible and we have to make last minute changes.

  3. Any cancellations due to weather will not be refunded as this is out of our control.

Little feet guidelines

We operate a 3 strike policy, if your child is unable to follow the instructions given to them by the staff members they will receive a warning. If they receive 3 warnings within a single session you  will be asked to collect your child immediately. The guidelines are there to protect the children and staff and therefore if the child cannot follow these we cannot ensure their safety.​

Your child will need to bring their own water bottle  to keep hydrated.

We will be able to refill their water for them should they need it.

If you need to bring a snack then Snacks must not contain NUTS.

Please issue us with a copy of the action plan for your child in relation to any allergies/medical needs prior to starting with us.

 All staff will be made aware of any requirements from your booking form.

Please make sure you read and accept the terms and conditions when booking.  

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